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Worship is one of the key elements of every church.  Music is found in every venue we are a part of.  It is vitally important to every setting, as it sets a mood and presence.  Selecting the right person to accompany your team or to come in and fill in can be challenging, if experience is lacking.  However, Spirit & Truth Ministries makes it easy and rewarding!

It is Melinda's goal to accomodate your needs with professionalism and grace. 
Melinda Ojeda is available to use her musical gifts and experience to enrich your church and worship service.  

Melinda will support your church and worship team during a vacancy of your worship leader;  whether through a staff transition or temporary absence of your worship leader.

If you would like Melinda to come
to your church or event 
please call (407) 285-1609. 




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