Spirit and Truth Ministries                                       Melinda Ojeda

Worship Album / Music Demos

Through a heart of worship and meditation of  
scripture, the Lord has poured into my
Spirit songs of worship. 
These intimate worship songs not only reflect my heart but are also 
scriptural attributes of Almighty God.  I trust that you will be enriched as you listen.  May you  
worship with me as we 
on the scriptures; 
turned into melodies.


Music by: Melinda Ojeda

 ~ All Belongs to You  ~ Sovereignty  ~ Psalms 27  ~ Glorious Praise 
~ Steadfast Love of the Lord  
~ Oh, Lord You're Beautiful  

Worship Demos
By Melinda Ojeda

"When I Think About The Lord"

"Rising of the Sun"

"I Need Thee Every Hour"

"All Belongs to You"

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